A trip through time - well, at least for me ... :-)


Pebble folded its operations on the 7th of december, 2016. Pebble was acquired by Fitbit. Fitbit stated that they only bought Pebbles IP (talent, software) and would not release any new watches.

Thus, my support for the platform ended ... Pebble, you will be badly missed.

All downloads below contains a valid .pbw file compiled for SDK v4.3.


Follow the 10-20-30 run program. Download

Intro 10 ... 20 ... 30!


Watchface with big numbers. Download

Watchface Flicked


Probably only for me. Download


First 5km

Run program for your first 5km. Download

Select user Select day Menu Run Finished

Fuzzy Dk

Watchface - show fuzzytime in danish. Download

Watchface Flicked


Watchface - LCD, looks quite good on the Pebble Round. Download

Black on white White on black


Watchface - lights light up every second. Download



Watchface - beams and heartrate. Download

Beams Heartrate


Watchface - shows when to sleep and when to be awake. Download

Sleep Awake


Monitor steps and calories burnt. Download



Egg timer and stopwatch in one app. Download

Menu Set eggtimer Countdown! Clock is ticking All breakpoints


This is an old iOS (iphone, ipad) game – it’s not live on App Store anymore.

In iChains you have to score points by exploding balls. To explode balls you must set of one or more chain reactions. The longer the chain the more points you score. The game consists of 12 levels - each level gets progressively harder but all levels can be completed within a reasonably amount of time. If you feel like it you can submit your personal best and hopefully achieve a position on the online iChains Top 100 List.

Download iChains source code.

Intro Preferences Level intro

In game Level completed


This is an old iOS (iphone, ipad) game - it's not live on App Store anymore.

In Angles you must guess the value of 10 angles. The closer your guess is to the actual angle, the higher you score. Angles is primarily for pupils in the lower grades. Angles currently comes with support for the following languages: English and Danish.

Download Angles source code.

Intro Guess the angle Top 5


I did more than a handful of apps for the Android platform. It makes me sad - the Android platform is such a crappy platform and these entries really belong in a Hall of Shame gallery. So why are they here? Well, sometimes you make bad decisions - these apps are a testament of some of my bad decisions ...

Click on the image to download the source code repository.

5km Battery Right Now Chessboard CitiZr Gæt en lyd Hør en lyd Kisa O Skole Mio SchemingMind


I was totally on to the J2ME thingy - and still is. Some of my creations ...

Click on the screenshots to download source code archive.

5km @Tracker Juggle Pocket Chessboard Tetris ThingFling TripperLite

Archives with no screenshot: Eyes, P4Remote, Tic Tac Toe and YrthWyrm2.

If you want to compile any of the J2ME programs above you need one or more of the utilities in the BuildTools archive. You can download the BuildTools source code archive.


Oh - those were the days. A very productive time in my life. And a fun one, too!

Click on the screenshot to download the source code archive for the program.

Angles @Tracker BMILog Dictate El, gas, vand Eventor

Gone Mad! Griddler Help Viewer HSNSwitch iSecure Kasino

LcmGcf MathAce MixedUp OCC p0ls PFO

PluaEd PowerPlay PXSC Recal Simplify TasksSort

Trams Yadr

Archives with no screenshot: LoginMan and Secure It.


Back in the good olde days I did these intros - yuuup, the scene!

(click on the image to go to the Janeway entry):

Cool Intro Made in Denmark Made in Denmark BBS Intro

Yet Another Production Fractal Vectore

PMA (Peter) and Wolfman (Jacob) - if you ever see this ... respect to you! It was fun and I feel proud! Greetingz to Bastards, Bones, Nobrain, Keinstein, Kefrens, Detron, Promax (Rune G-M) and others.


This was a small game which I made for the Commodore 64 system together with a couple of friends.

Downloads: the game, the music.

The game can be played in CCS 64.

Intro screen Off you go In game